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The project UPTOWN OKROKANA was created at the intersection of two trends of modern urban life:


1 - Utilizing the resources and benefits of large urban centers.


2 - Moving out of chaotically built, ecologically aggravated cities - living in the suburbs.


Therefore, the ideal place was chosen the area of ​​UPTOWN OKROKANA, which is located in a traditional resort area, 10-minute drive from Freedom Square, 700 meters above sea level, in an ecologically clean and quiet environment.


With a natural landscape and the principle of house layout, the area is protected from traffic noise and emissions. At the same time, the view of Tbilisi provides an opportunity to maintain an emotional connection with the capital.


UPTOWN OKROKANA - Meets the standards of premium class accommodation in Tbilisi. It is a district, designed in a modern, high quality, distinctive architectural style, in which every detail is tailored to the requirements of each family.


The residential houses are located on a terrace, taking into account the natural terrain. The houses reflect the configuration of the relief - both in terms of forms and architectural-planning solutions, as well as in terms of aesthetics.


There precinct considers 3,500 sq.m. area for recreation and children entertainment.


The project includes all the important components of modern high-class housing: well-equipped yard, car parking spaces, energy efficient solutions, with panoramic terraces and swimming pool, with a view of Tbilisi.

Modern technologies and construction materials

The house is equipped with HVAC system - heating-cooling, ventilation and air filtration; Modern technologies are maintained considering ventilated facade and solar panels.


All building materials are eco-friendly and certified. Upon purchase of the building, the buyer will be given quality certificate of the construction materials used.

Management and maintenance

The district – is protected residential complex, which means the security and maintenance of the area, public spaces, including landscaping.


The district management also considers technical/engineering services and etc.


We collaborate with the the best material manufacturers on a construction market:


REYNARES - Aluminum Stained Glass

FUNDERMAX - wood and facade materials

NOKI - Swimming pool and spa consulting and construction company

CAPAROL - a leading manufacturer of paints Across Europe



NEW CITY DEVELOPMENT - has been operating in the architectural and development market since 2007.


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